Will the lack of depth come back to haunt Lazio?

Lazio ‘s home draw against Hellas Verona midweek gave an insight into the shortcomings and limitations of Inzaghi’ s team. The biancocelesti squad could be depleted further over the next few weeks with key players at risk of a game suspension and others returning from re-occuring injuries.

Will Inzaghi and his team find themselves frustrated come the end of season and look back at the failure of the board to bring in additional players?

On Wednesday evening, both wing-backs Lulic and Lazzari ended being hauled off as they looked like they were running on empty: Inzaghi replaced them with Jony and Marusic , who was returning after more than three months out due to a muscular injury, a common theme for Lazio players this season.

Inzaghi’s starting eleven have accumulated 18,013 minutes of football this season, in comparison Inter (15.873 ‘) and Juventus (15.547’) really goes to show that the players really are playing on the edge and there has to be the question raised, how long can this continue?

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