The “Lion” is leading the way for Lazio

It hasn’t happened for a long time, but Lazio currently boast the best defence in Serie A. This is in relation to the number of goals conceded to date: just 20 goals conceded in 23 games along with Antonio Conte’s Inter. 

An important statistic given that since the 2007/2008 season, those who have finished the season conceding the least have also won the Scudetto. 

Acerbi, defensive leader

Much of the credit in relation to Lazio’s defensive solidarity goes to the true leader of the defensive unit: Francesco Acerbi. The “lion” is usually placed in the heart of the Biancocelesti unit of three defenders. His communication, organisational and ability to build attacks from the back has elevated the players status not only in Serie A but across Europe’s top five leagues.

Since Acerbi landed in Rome he has only skipped 154 minutes of the total 5,400 in Series A . A figure that demonstrates his great leadership, confirmed by his ability to make all his teammates make the best of it; he is a true warrior and his presence has aided with the growth of Luiz Felipe and Patric, who are both benefitting from learning from their team-mate.

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